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Here are some of our recent passes. You can view more of our success stories by visiting our Google Review page.

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Pupil 01

Anya Aziz

Great driving school. My instructor was saif and he was informative and patient with me.

I had my driving test today and passed first time.

Pupil 01

Rhianna Thomson

I passed my driving test first time with A3 Driving School and I could not recommend them enough. Big big big thanks to Saif for being so patient and a fantastic instructor, definitely could not have done it without him!

If you're considering using any driving school, this one is the best hands down!!

Thanks again :-)

Pupil 01

Lola Marlborough

Never thought i would pass but i smashed it first time with 2 minors!!

Saif was the best instructor!!! He had full confidence in me! Would highly recommend Saif as a driving instructor i wouldn't have been able to do it with out him!!

Pupil 01

Sundas Mobeen

I have just passed my driving test and I had a great experience with A3 Driving School.

I had Saif as my driving instructor and I can confidently say that he is the best instructor anyone could hope to have. He was extremely patient, friendly and always on time for all my lessons.

I have never been comfortable driving but Saif's support and encouragement helped me to build up my confidence and made me feel more at ease while driving. I would highly recommend him as he is an incredibly effective and skilled driving instructor!

Pupil 01

Sabrina Singh

Saif at A3 Driving School helped me pass my practical driving test the first time - with no faults!

I was thrilled with the result and thank Saif for his patience and competency to ensure I passed the first time.

Pupil 01

Stacy Sobieski

After taking lessons with A3 I’m very happy to report that I just passed my driving test with zero faults on the first attempt!

Saif was a wonderful, patient instructor who thoroughly prepared me for my test. I couldn’t have done it without him!

Pupil 01

Dr Memishaj

I want to say a huge thank you to Maqsood , he is professional, down to earth and an amazing instructor. I had a problem with my nerves but he always made me feel at ease and he always pushed me to fulfil my potential. I had another instructor before and he seemed to just be out for the money.

This was not the case with Maqsood he is only interested in getting you through the lessons and being ready to take your test. I highly recommend Maqsood for driving lessons and with him by your side you will pass as I did. Many thanks.

Pupil 01

Ella O'Malley

From my own personal experience of A3 Driving School, especially Saif, I cannot recommend them enough. Throughout all of my lessons, even in times of stress, Saif kept calm and gave me external constructive feedback which helped me improve massively. I definitely feel that I picked the best driving school to learn as I felt comfortable the whole time even when I was really struggling.

I can only assume that the whole A3 team are 5 stardust by looking at their first time pass rate and current reviews! I cannot recommend them enough and hope that future learners feel the same way I do. Thank you A3 Driving School, especially Saif!

Pupil 01

Chetan Arurah


Saif is the best instructor that you need in order to pass the practical test. Friendliness and Comfort are just a few of his qualities, as well as being amazing at changing someone’s confidence level from 0 to 100 in no time.

WORDS ARE SHORT FOR SAIF Thank you so much for what you have done

Pupil 01

Tommy Jeon

Had 44 hours of driving lesson with A3 Driving School and I'm really glad that I passed first time. Muhammed Gorci was a great driving instructor and he was incredibly patient with me.

Wouldn't of passed without him. I would recommend A3 Driving School to anyone who is learning to drive

Pupil 01

Lilia Evans

Thanks to A3 Driving School and my incredible driving instructor Saif I passed my driving test today with NO minor faults! I started learning with A3 Driving School around mid-April and today sat my driving test for the first time ever!

My parents are also very pleased and feel extremely comfortable with me driving independently, all by myself. I am very happy with the great service and teaching from my instructor Saif, his dedication, enthusiam and positivity are the reasons why I succeeded.

Honestly the best instructor ever!! I would definitely recommend A3 Driving School.

Pupil 01

Chloe Weiser

Would defiantly recommend, loved learning to drive with Saif. I was put so much at ease with no pressure. Which resulted in me passing first time!

Thank you so much!!

Pupil 01

John Radford

My driving instructor was Muhammad Gorci and we were based in Surbiton/Tolworth. I couldn't have wished for a nicer guy to learn from. He is clearly very experienced as an instructor, knowledgeable with lots of top tips and advice.

Very supportive, friendly, kind and made my whole learning experience really fun. I had weekly lessons with him for about 3 months and then passed first time.

I strongly recommend Muhammad at A3 driving school if you have the opportunity to drive with him!

Pupil 01

Nakita Bolla

I would highly recommend Saif. I passed my driving test first time with him as my instructor. I noticed every week how my confidence grew and he was a big part of making that happen.

He made me feel really comfortable and at ease with driving.

Would definitely recommend!!!

Pupil 01

Tom Thornton

Highly recommended! Very friendly, patient and knowledgeable instructors. I passed 1st time with A3.

Great quality!

Pupil 01

Jamie Wright

I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Saif's patience, encouragement, and attention to my learning needs were extremely appreciated and I'm sure that's why I was able to pass on my first attempt, and with one minor fault.

He said I would pass on the first try with 1-3 faults and he was right! That's just a demonstration of how he gets to know his students.

He took the time to pay attention to my driving and learning needs and ensured our lessons touched on those areas that required improvement. Not only did I pass but I now have the confidence to go on the road own my own. I would highly recommend A3 Driving School!

Pupil 01

Josh Lambert

Had a great time learning to drive with A3. Instructor was very friendly and was extremely knowledgeable about test routes and manoeuvres so I couldn’t have been more prepared for the test!

Booking lessons was easy and the instructor was always flexible with times and locations during school time.

Passed first time with 1 minor, would definitely recommend A3.

Pupil 01

Vivienne Li

Just got passed today with zero fault ! Really nice experience with my instructor Saif, already recommended to my friend!

No matter the booking, classes arrangement, or the level of my instructor's way of teaching is a high standard one.

The only tip is try to plan and book earlier, cuz they're so popular.

Pupil 01

Asya Petkova

PASSED first time. A3 is the best school 10 out of 5 * and I highly recommend it. After months of struggling with instructors from different schools I finally find a great school with very professional instructors. Words can't describe how thankful I am to my instructor, extremly professional, supportive, patient.

Simply THE BEST!!! If you want to learn how to drive not just pass your test, call A3 school. You won't regret it.


Pupil 01

Hala Al-Khaffaji

I am currently learning to drive with Saif as my instructor and have been with him since the end of summer. He is amazing and has the patience of a saint. I started off with zero confidence and he has not only helped me build on that, but is always reassuring me when I feel I am not doing well. He really evaluates an individuals skills well before commencing the sessions and ensures that the lessons are structured to fit your needs best.

At the moment I am struggling with roundabouts the most and he ensures that I get adequate practice with that each lesson. What I like the most is that he sets time aside to tell me why I have done certain things wrong and that is really helpful to ensure I work on it. I really look forward to passing the test and will send an update when I have done so!

P.s. If you want lessons with Saif specifically, you have to hurry because he gets booked up at the speed of light. Update: I went for my driving test and passed first time!!!!! No one had faith in my like Saif did, I would like to express my gratitude to him for his patience and guidance and sincerely recommend A3 driving school for not teaching me to drive for just the exam, but teaches me how to drive for life!

Pupil 01

Deniz Dosemeciler

I have had 5 driving lessons with another driving school and the instructor I got given was terrible. I chose A3 because I read so many good reviews about them. The reviews are spot on. The school overall is very helpful. My instructor was Saif. He taught me everything I needed to know to pass the first time and I passed with 2 minors.

Saif is very professional and he is an expert at what he does. If you’re looking for a patient and motivating instructor I would highly recommend Saif. Thank you A3 for a great, smooth experience!

Pupil 01

Raminta Dekaminaviciute

I just passed my test first time only with 1 minor after doing an intensive course with A3. All thanks to my fantastic instructor Saif.

Saif has put me at ease from the beginning, was always calm and patient with me and is an informative and supportive teacher. I could not recommend A3 and Saif enough!

Thank you!


Elliot Elsey

I cannot recommend A3 more highly. Saif is an extremely patient, measured and expert instructor.

He immediately put me at ease and his tutelage ensured I passed my test at first attempt (with one minor fault).

Thanks again!

Pupil 01

Fiaz Khan

I have took driving lessons with A3 driving school and pass first time. They are one of the best driving school around kingston.

If you are thinking of taking driving lessons A3 is the one.


Sophie Bellchambers

I cannot recommend A3 Driving School enough. I had a great instructor, Saif, who was very calm, patient and thorough as well as encouraging during my lessons.

I was given great advice and help with the theory, show me tell me questions and the practical which undoubtedly helped me pass my test. Additionally, competitively priced.


Justin White

“Passed first time today with A3 Driving School. Great driving instructor called Saif. First driving lessons i had ever done, and he has made me progress strongly and quickly.

Very patient, lets you improve at your own pace. But he also highlights each mistake you make and guides you through. Definitely recommended”

Pupil 01

Jayke Doley

I passed first time with A3 driving school with only 3 minors.

After many nervous lessons I finally passed thanks to my instructor Saif. He was very patient and was a very good instructor.

Highly recommended!! I will be telling my friends and family.

Pupil 01

Cristina Loriga

I happy to pass with A3 driving school it was my first attempt and I pass with only 3 minor mistakes.

Saif was my instructor and he explained everything in detail and make feel comfortable.

I recommend A3 driving school to everyone, if you to pass first time go with Saif

Pupil 01

Freddy Money

Fantastic instruction and lessons from Saif Great teacher and good person.

Passed first time with 3 minors !!

Thank you

Pupil 01

Kumutha Swampillai

Thanks Saif! Just passed with 3 minors at Tolworth. I really appreciated Saif's very detailed but easy to understand instruction style.

He always managed my expectations in terms of how many more lessons I would need and encouraged me to push back my test date when it was needed.

I have just passed but I feel like he has made me a competent driver overall, far from the very nervous driver I started out as, which is the most important thing.

Pupil 01

Adi Nair

I managed to pass my driving test with Saif first time with only 2 minors, with only 31 Hours worth of lessons (Average being 45 Hours).

He was very calm teacher who put you at ease while driving.

He also explained how do everything clearly and in detail.

Pupil 01

Rachel Ng

I just passed my driving test with A3 Driving School and I could not be happier! Before A3, I was with another school/instructor where I didn't feel as if I was progressing and was very near to giving up. I'm so glad that I didnt and that I changed schools/intructors.

My instructor was Saif who is very professional and friendly. He always makes sure you are okay and drives you to achieve everything to the best of your ability.

I would definitely recommend going with A3 Driving School and my driving experience was made so much better by Saif. Thank you so much for all of your help and support!

Pupil 01

Woon Hui

I just passed my test today at Tolworth Test centre - zero fault and apparently with difficult route (according to the tester). Big credit to my instructor Saif, from A3 Driving School.

I really appreciate the teaching style: clear explanation on instructions, discuss and reflect, gradual built up of skills (not dumping alot of information at once) - overall building your confidence naturally Saif gives the space to discover my driving capability - safely.

Pupil 01

Dr Carolyn Major

Saif is an amazing driving instructor, I passed my test with him with only 3 minors. He is always very calm and patient and also so knowledgeable of the area and of common pitfalls for the test.

I failed my driving test twice previously with a different instructor and was a very nervous driver with no confidence when I started with Saif - I couldn't have done it without him!! I had lessons after work and he was always very reliable and accommodating with scheduling.

Saif is the best, he always goes the extra mile and genuinely wants you to learn and do well. Thank you!

Pupil 01

Baoqing Hu

I passed at 1st attempt with A3's instructor! It was long journey in my case. I moved to southeast London after a few lessons, however , continuing with a new instructor usually push things backwards. Therefore, I decided to travel back to Surbiton to study with my previous instructor.

He was very patient and careful, so I'm very happy with him teaching me despite that I had to travel 1 hour to get to Surbiton every weekend. Since I only have lessons over the weekends, and sometimes only 1 lesson a month...my progress had been back and forth...my Instructor worked it out together to fix this by booking a a few back to back lessons just before my test day. I made huge progress in these 3 days!!

Eventually, I passed the test! I really appreciated that he helped me found the most effective way to learn driving, because different people may have different ways. I would highly recommend A3! Most importantly, communicate with your instructor, make them aware that what do you feel so they can craft the lessons to fit your style.